Downloading and Using My Stuff (FAQ)




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    I have two items that refuse to download on numerous computers and in all browsers.

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    Once I download them, if I try and drag the folders into the app, it just goes black. There is no place on here that shows any directions on how to actually install the games once you download them. A video, tutorial, or something of the sort would be beneficial. The games are downloaded, the zip files are open, and I'm sitting here wondering what to do with all the jpeg's and no actual game install files.

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    Jennifer Love

    I downloaded the free game for the Gold Membership, and I assumed it would go into DYM Games. Apparently I need ProPresenter or Keynote? How many games will this be an issue for? I did finally get it to work on Power Point, but it was a lot of drag, drop, and edit. Is this normal?

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    I cannot download a purchase I made recently. I have tried on a few different computers with no luck. The purchase was Own It. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Chris Williams

    I cannot download a game (Fortnite Fact or Fiction) that I purchased. I've tried all of the recommended methods to fix it, but it is still not downloading. Can anyone help?

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