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    Jamey Green

    Hey, I am pumped about the free goodies for the month of November, how do you play finger pants. There wasn't any explanation on how to play, can y'all help a brother out? Thanks!

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    Heather Pope

    I cant remember the name of the game where you put all kids names in and it randomly picks winners.

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    Can't sort priced items from low-high. It just sets it high-low. Please fix :) 

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    I absolutely love the content on your site, BUT:

    1) The WEBSITE itself, the poor design (thought the "new look" would be better - it's not), it's confusing, it's cluttered, and not clean.

    2) The difficulty in navigation, being difficult to find things and search, less is more - you put so much on pages - it's repulsive.

    3) The fact that it doesn't work great in safari, this isn't a mac vs. windows thing, it's a thing that is easily fixed if you use coding properly, or even the right program.

    4) The problem of it ALWAYS slows down my computer (and is the only website to do so). Pages on this site take FOREVER to load (and we have 100MB down).

    All of these keep me away from this site - only visiting when downloading the monthly rewards and then leaving until the next month. I don't even want to "browse."

    You need a better site - in build, operation, navigation, and quality - it's bad. Real bad.

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