System Requirements for DYM Games




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    Is internet required to run the app once it is installed and you've logged in? 

    We're heading to a camp where we may not have wifi accessible for our meeting room. 

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    Steve Stone

    Hey Nelson! Currently internet is only required for login. We have some ideas for certain games which may require internet for play, but right now you're totally good!

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    Will the DYM games be available for iOS soon?  My primary presentation software is via iPad.  I have a desktop, but it is in my office.

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    Steve Stone

    Hey there! 
    Good news/bad news. Bad news is, it would take a ton of time and for us to completely start from scratch to make an iOS version. Because of that, and that the majority of users use their computers to present, we decided to stick with a desktop presentation software.
    Good news is we do have some slick ideas coming soon that let you use your phone to control DYM Games. Stay tuned!


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