How does the DYM store credit WORK?




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    Since the new website has been up, I've been receiving $40/month credit even though my monthly membership is only $20. Is it supposed to do that?

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    Jon McBirney


    Thanks for your honesty!! You will definitely get a jewel in heaven for this post.

    This is not exactly intentional haha. We are still working some kinks out for the store credit. Those extra points should expire sometime soon.

    Don't worry about it.. If you spend your 2000 and need a couple extra bucks to grab something.. Feel free. Otherwise, just let the extra points sit in your account and they should expire soon... then everything will be back on track.

    If anyone else looks at this message and is experiencing the same issue, that is most likely the case for your account as well.

    Thanks for being a member Matt!

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    John Truax

    It seems all the DYM Store Credit links have been removed.  How can I use my credit now?

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    Jon McBirney

    Hey John, 

    So sorry for the confusion! We are having some temporary issues today with the store credit function on the website. We should have it back up and running in no time and your store credit should be available in your account like always. 

    Check back a little later. Thanks for your patience! 

    If you have any other issues you can always email us at, but we appreciate you using this helpdesk to find an answer on your own! 


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    Dan Barber

    Looks like the Store Credit issue is happening again today?


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    Jeffrey Smith

    Used $17 this week and went back to use the other $3 today and there is nothing. The store credit info is missing. Poof! 

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